Minisode 10: Self-Care Overload

It is so easy to fall down that information rabbit hole during this time. It seems as if life has paused and everyone is in a panic about getting sick or their loved ones getting sick. I found myself a victim of worry and decided this time is probably the BEST time that I should […]

Minisode 9: How Out of Touch Are We?

In my opinion, this pandemic is forcing us to reconnect. We can either fear the reconnection or embrace it. Check out the new episode to hear my detailed take on this. Improve your Vaginal and Skin Care With Pangea Embrace Pangea: Nourish your natural hair and skin with Rwise Design products. Use the Promo Code: […]

Minisode 7: Rebuilding After the Storm

Today’s episode pertains to rebuilding after a storm has ended in our life. We don’t have to live in paranoia or constant stress and have the option to bask in our paradise. In hopes to encourage you, I am sharing ways I rebuilt myself after a life hurricane.   Please, also, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Check […]

The Story Behind the Story

Meet our Guest Author Rachel Ellynn M. Rachel Ellynn M. is a published poet and author in KCMO. Her next piece becomes available 2.14.20, entitled the garden boy. You can find more writing on her blog and social media. Also you can follow her on the following: Twitter: @rachelellynnm Facebook: @rachelellynnm Instagram: @rachelellynnmauthor Preface The release of my upcoming […]

Interview with Dope Plus-Size Model Shinar

Short Story. I was perusing through Instagram and came across this empowering image of a confident, black, full-figured model name Shinar. I instantly followed her on Instagram and was further inspired by each post I viewed. Her pictures were more than fashion to me but an ode to be comfortable in my own skin. Her […]

I Love Her More

By: Anonymous Baby Momma Drama! Yup, that’s me! The 8 year on and off relationship ended when he decided to go off with another girl. The truth was, I wasn’t capable of loving him anymore after he had left us for drugs, no matter how much he changed, and I just couldn’t. Yeah, maybe I […]

Plastic Surgery: Helpful or Harmful?

The fact that my website is called Be Your Own Kind this subject is very conflicting. I encourage others to create a life that best fits them, so technically why would body enhancements be different? Transparency If I always wonder if I had dispensable cash would I get a tummy tuck for my stomach rolls […]

Netflix: Nappily Ever After Review

Summary The main character, Violet Jones, is the perfect picture of perfection. She has the career. She has the GUY. And most importantly, to her, she has THE LOOK. Her look is her Everything! She wakes up before her boyfriend to make her face up. Her hair was drenched and she panicked as if life […]

Food for Thought

Food. This 4-lettered word comes with pleasure and fear. Fear from eating too much of it, eating too little of it, not eating the right type, not including the right type, not checking all of the nutritional value or the many categories on the packages. Whether is more beneficial to try Paleo or Keto. Or […]

What About Me?

Geez Louise… I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows were bushy, my eczema had gone wild and my hair is running free. My skin is pretty dull and my ankles are swollen because I won’t pick up a glass of water. I looked so lifeless and rundown. Lots of time I forfeited what I […]