Say What!?!?! Are Black Men Becoming Extinct in the Dating World?

In this Youtube/Podcast episode, I am presenting an interesting take presented by Seven Stars and Storm Monroe pertaining to the harsh dating conditions women are facing. Is there a scarcity of Black men? If you think so, how will it affect the Black family dynamic? Please, also, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Check out the BYOK Youtube Channel and […]

Chris Rock’s Recipe for a Solid Marriage

I was watching the Netflix Chris Rock special, Tamborine, and haphazardly learned some solid marriage advice. The words he was speaking seemed like common sense but maybe it is not so common if marriages are getting a divorce based on lack of sex, commitment and communication. For starters, Chris Rock is my favorite comedian. Not […]

My Sister’s Keeper

The Beginning Sisterhood starts off so simple!  It starts off with a conversation of commonalities then later transitions to going out for fun. Months later you’ve learned so much about each other and became each other diaries. Years have passed and they are filled with fun times together, sad times where you comforted each other, […]