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D.O.A.C.B. ” Noom, Noom, Noom”

I was hoping to have crossed the 320 thresholds, however, over the last couple of weeks, I was moving further from it. Discouraged that I did not have a topic to write about last week, I also found myself falling behind in my workload. Although I am still hanging with the 330s, I managed to
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Minisode 8: Choosing Your People

This episode is a breakdown of people you should weary of when creating your social circle. We should ensure the people around us are supportive and display genuine intentions towards us.  Please, also, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Check out the BYOK Youtube Channel and don’t forget to Subscribe. Thanks for your support. 

Minisode 4: Same Goals, New Perspective

2020 is going to move differently than other years due to editing my perspectives. In this episode I share with you 3 perspective changes that have positively altered my life. After listening please feel free to leave a comment or a voicemail. Please, also, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Thanks for Listening!

5 Ways to Stop Skid Row Thinking

If you have seen the movie ,Little Shop of Horrors, you are familiar with the “Skid Row (Downtown)”song lyrics. For those that have never seen this movie, Skid Row referred to an impoverished lifestyle. The people felt trapped downtown and gave up on the life they wanted. But seriously if you have not seen this
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