Minisode 10: Self-Care Overload

It is so easy to fall down that information rabbit hole during this time. It seems as if life has paused and everyone is in a panic about getting sick or their loved ones getting sick. I found myself a victim of worry and decided this time is probably the BEST time that I should […]


Week Recap: True Facts about Madame C..J Walker+PanDemic Twerking+Kim K stands by her man+ M0re

This week’s recap is more pandemic shenanigans, Kim K defending her hubby against Taylor Swift and the real relationships between Madame C.J. Walker and “Addie Monroe” #pandemic #kimkardashian #twerk #selfmade #netflix Video Sources: Kim K defending Kanye West:… Chinese Woman apologizing… LaLa Milan F*ck Corona… Chronicle Speaks:… Lailah Lynn:… Stand […]

Week Recap: Lightening the Pandemic Mood + Simpson Conspiracies & More

With Everyone in a panic I wanted to attempt to lighten the mood with a bit. Please remember to be safe and stay healthy. #BYOK #coronavirus #tiktok #simpson #conspiracies Improve your Vaginal and Skin Care With Pangea Embrace Pangea: Nourish your natural hair and skin with Rwise Design products. Use the Promo Code: Renita10 […]