Depending on God Indelibly

In lieu of Father’s Day, I asked my Dad to join me on the podcast to share his wisdom. In this episode we talked about fatherhood and trusting God’s purpose in our life.  Be Your Own Kind Youtube Channel: Instagram: Twitter: Improve your Vaginal and Skin Care With Pangea Embrace Pangea: […]

Episode 3: Is Social Media Diluting Celebritism?

This week I linked up with one of my Dearest friend, Lenny Darnell, esq. to discuss the affects Social Media has on the music industry. Thankfully he helped me to the see the upside to all of this madness. Enjoy! If you have thoughts on this episode, you are free to leave a comment. Please, […]

Interview with Dope Plus-Size Model Shinar

Short Story. I was perusing through Instagram and came across this empowering image of a confident, black, full-figured model name Shinar. I instantly followed her on Instagram and was further inspired by each post I viewed. Her pictures were more than fashion to me but an ode to be comfortable in my own skin. Her […]

Interview with Entrepreneur GaBBY

Perusing the internet, I stumbled upon a Great invention that was created by a mom, Rozalynn Goodwin and her daughter, Gabrielle Goodwin. To my surprise, this business was formed from a mother’s Twitter rant pertaining to the number of hair bows that were disappearing off her daughter’s ponytails on a daily basis. At the time, […]