Lunch Break IG Live: DojaCat is Dope + Committing to Commitment

**Had to record on my phone because the video did not save*** I recently really got into Dojacat and loving everything about her. Plus I share my thoughts on commitment. What are some tools that help you commit? #byok #iglive #committing #dojacat #vlogger #blogger #podcasterofinstagram Join me Mon-Fri, Noon EST time at Improve your […]

Minisode 6: Microaggressions and its Health Effects

In this episode, I am talking about how microaggressions are correlated to stress. Could prejudices cause major stress in all groups? What can we do to minimize this issue? If you have thoughts on this episode, you are free to leave a comment. Please, also, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! Check out the BYOK Youtube Channel and don’t forget […]

Minisode 2: What Do We Owe Each Other?

I binged watched the show “The Good Place” and one of the episodes really stuck out to me. I started wondering what obligations do we have to one another? Check out this episode to find out my conclusions! After listening please feel free to leave a comment or a voicemail. Please, also, follow me on Facebook, […]