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D.O.A.C.B. ” Noom, Noom, Noom”

I was hoping to have crossed the 320 thresholds, however, over the last couple of weeks, I was moving further from it. Discouraged that I did not have a topic to write about last week, I also found myself falling behind in my workload. Although I am still hanging with the 330s, I managed to
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Minisode 3: Just One More Bite

Today’s topic was inspired by the Netflix Series, “Insatiable”. It is a very entertaining show and challenged me to think about my food addiction and the work I have to do on a daily basis to tackle this struggle. After listening please feel free to leave a comment or a voicemail. Please, also, follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
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I’m All Legs

Ok, I’m mostly legs…but we’ll get to that part… Monday I visited the dietitian and all was Great until it was time to get on this mega scale called the InBody. It is known for accurately measuring the accurate Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is the number of calories you burn while doing nothing. My
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