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Say What!?! When the Olive Branch Breaks

In this episode I will go over an instance when reaching out goes wrong. I am using the example of the recent encounter between Da Brat and her sister Lisa Raye.      Sources:    Youtube: https://youtu.be/aYbi-w-udRk Kandi and Da Brat interview: https://youtu.be/HQWYu9pEVV4 Fox Soul Lisa Raye and Da Brat Encounter: https://youtu.be/Wk5oGu-sb1g?t=1  Grab some BYOK  Merch:
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The Upside to Grief

In this episode I swiftly open up to the emotions and support I encountered since the departure of my grandma. Grief has a way of overtaking your thoughts and life if you are not surrounding by genuine support or if you don’t allow yourself to feel.  Improve your Vaginal and Skin Care With Pangea Embrace
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Breaking Generational Curses

In this episode we get the chance to hear some inspirational and life-altering nuggets from Author and Generational Curse Breaker Debbie. L. London. Earlier this year I read her book, “Residue: Surviving and Overcoming the Stains of Generational Curses and Soul Ties” and wrote a book review on the BYOK website. While listening I encourage
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