Let’s Talk Bout it/A.M.A. Live: National Progress + Plans to Recovery + Cycle of Change Breakdown

In this Live, we briefly talked about the recent progress that was made in the Black Lives Matter movement. Also, we touched upon B.Y.O.K’s theme recovery and the Cycle of Change. Timestamps: 4:57 Current Progress in the Black Lives Matter Movement 10:26 B.Y.O.K. June Theme: Recovery and Healing 19:56 Cycle of Change 27:39 Adjusting to […]

Are we supposed to care about getting blocked on Social Media?

I was up late at night going through my Facebook only to discover that I haven’t seen a friend’s feed in a while. So I search for them on my friend’s list only to discover they blocked me. via GIPHY My first reaction was to get upset and maybe text this person. Then I stopped […]

Lunch Break IG Live: Snoop and that Turtleneck + Media Selective Judging

On this snowy day I am ranting about the Red Table Talk clip I saw featuring Snoop Dogg. Also I don’t understand why some people are judged and others ignored when committing the same act! Somebody,please help me understand. Join me Mon-Fri, Noon EST time at www.Instagram.com/be_yourownkind