Minisode 9: How Out of Touch Are We?

In my opinion, this pandemic is forcing us to reconnect. We can either fear the reconnection or embrace it. Check out the new episode to hear my detailed take on this. Improve your Vaginal and Skin Care With Pangea Embrace Pangea: Nourish your natural hair and skin with Rwise Design products. Use the Promo Code: […]

Is Belongingness a Necessity?

“Familiarity is the social glue that bonds people together, and we deliberately seek out the similar and the recognizable in order to feel secure. If we’re doing the same as everyone else, we must be doing it right, and finding a reflection of ourselves in those around us is a form of validation.” Joanna Cannon […]

Are you Aptly Supported?

Tips for Building a Healthy Support System The current theme in America is Queendom. Everyone is wearing a crown and taking control of their Empire. No one is dependent on anyone with the hopes of succeeding just to brag how much no one gave me them anything. via GIPHY The crazy thing about this idea […]