Say What!?! Segment: It’s Pandering Season

This episode pinpoints the politicians evoking emotion to win the minority vote. This is done every election; however, this year Candace Owens and Cardi B. are arguing on which candidate panders the most. I express my thoughts on the ladies’ feud and how counterproductive and distracting from the issues. What are your thoughts about this […]

Week Recap: I love Issa! + Entertainers Charitable Actions during COVID-19+M0re

This week’s Recap was inspired by my dear friend, Kimberly. She tasked with finding the positive in the world during this pandemic. Also, I love Issa and I ain’t afraid to shout it! Below are the Timestamps for the Topics discussed in the Video: 1. Issa Rae: 0:52 2. New Logo: 7:31 3. COVID-19 Upside […]