Netflix’s “Self Made” Series Review

Intro It is no secret that black hair is important to the Black Woman. Over generations, black hair has been viewed as the crown to opportunity and the open door acceptance in the corporate world. Decades later, the definition of “good hair” has shifted from the long permed strands to the curly afro. Whether a woman decides […]

Book Review: Residue: Surviving and Overcoming the Stains of Generational Curses and Soul Ties

Introduction I first learned about the author Debbie L. London when listening to the Become She podcast and was instantly drawn to her point of view pertaining to generational curses. I was so intrigued by the interview, I purchased her book, Residue: Surviving and Overcoming the Stains of Generational Curses and Soul Ties . Generational […]

Queen and Slim Movie Review

According to, “in the U.S. African Americans are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white people.” Although a daunting statistic, this was just a portion of the new released film directed by Melina Matsouka, Queen and Slim. This movie depicts the perceived heroism of a black male, Slim played by […]

Three Apps Good for Adulting

Sometimes adulting takes more time and energy than the day can allow.  Thankfully, technology helps us to carve out time by its magical power to automate some of these “responsible” tasks. There are so many “smart” gadgets and phone apps out there it can sometimes be overwhelmingly stimulating choosing the ones that apply to your […]

Netflix: Nappily Ever After Review

Summary The main character, Violet Jones, is the perfect picture of perfection. She has the career. She has the GUY. And most importantly, to her, she has THE LOOK. Her look is her Everything! She wakes up before her boyfriend to make her face up. Her hair was drenched and she panicked as if life […]

Old English Company Giveaway!

There are times an email or a text is inadequate when showing gratitude or expressing your true emotions. It’s good to know the old fashioned written word has not lost its personal touch and is much appreciated in this technological world.  The Old English Company does an excellent job vending hand-crafted stationary, cards and planners. Their […]

Netflix: “Love” Series Finale

Summary If you have watched seasons 1 and 2 you may have come to realization of how amazing this show is. I wish I’d started media reviews back at season one to really delve into all the mind games people play in relationships rather than just simply expressing how they feel. The main characters Gus […]

Product Review: Origami Owl

With the intentions of supporting my aunt, I attended a vending event and there was so much great stuff there. Just to tell you a little about myself, I LOVE STUFF. So I came across this beauty below that was made by one of vendors. Isn’t it neat!?! Concurrently with the colored pencil vase, I […]

Netflix “She Gotta Have It” Series Review

Summary Spike Lee is the monarch of creatively depicting events happening in the present and intertwining it with Black History. His updated version of the Netflix series “She Gotta Have it” does not fall short of his distinctive touch. If you did not know, this Netflix series is Spike Lee’s re-make of the film “She Gotta […]