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Would You Like Some Water?

rquniquely/ June 28, 2018/ Potluck/ 0 comments

I’ve frequented lots of restaurants and have often said to myself “I wonder if waitressing is as easy as it appears”. It looks like and it’s an incredible concept of getting paid for

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In my Own Backyard

rquniquely/ May 10, 2017/ Potluck/ 0 comments

I was raised in the wonderful city of Chicago, although, the world currently knows it as Chi-raq, it is still the best city to me. Call me insane, but I believe our skyline

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Bring the Noise!

rquniquely/ April 26, 2017/ Potluck/ 0 comments

My husband and I were watching Being Mary Jane (Love that show!) and one of the scenes involved the characters wearing headphones at a house party. Honestly our initial reaction was “What is

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