Are you Aptly Supported?

Tips for Building a Healthy Support System The current theme in America is Queendom. Everyone is wearing a crown and taking control of their Empire. No one is dependent on anyone with the hopes of succeeding just to brag how much no one gave me them anything. via GIPHY The crazy thing about this idea […]


Mid-November 2018 Thoughts

Packing and Moving was most of my October leaving little time to focus on my blog. I wanted to talk about fears during Halloween week instead I was trying to fight the fear of paying an extra month’s rent if we did not move  out our old place in time. Alas, we were out in […]

I Know I Can

Anytime I think about this subject, I think about the movie Kill Bill: Vol 1 when the main character, The Bride, wakes up from a coma, finds her way to the infamous wagon and commands her big toe to wiggle. To spare us the actual time it took for her body to believe her mind, […]

Fundamentals of Metacognition

I write a lot about how we can control the thoughts we entertain but I came across a concept that made a lot of sense to me. To some this may seem impossible but I dare the doubtful to try this exercise. Think about on me of your happiest moment in detail. Imagine the scenery, those […]

Pardon Me…

In my opinion forgiveness is that topic most people tend to skate over. We acknowledge our hurt, express our hurt and attempt to move forward but do we actually undergo the process of letting it go? Do we take the time to forgive those who wronged us or take out the time requesting forgiveness from […]

What About Me?

Geez Louise… I looked in the mirror and my eyebrows were bushy, my eczema had gone wild and my hair is running free. My skin is pretty dull and my ankles are swollen because I won’t pick up a glass of water. I looked so lifeless and rundown. Lots of time I forfeited what I […]

Invisibility Factor Part 2

Now that I given myself time to feel this invisible emotion it is now time to process this feeling. If you ever felt like this you have to know this is not an enjoyable feeling. Like all bad emotions I have to take the steps to process this and find a constructive way of handling this emotion. […]

Invisibility Factor Part 1

I promised myself… I would not use my blog as a diary, but the more I read other people’s blogs the more I am inspired and realized my blog is purposed as my personal platform. Although I have the license to express myself I want to do it also with the intent of helping others. I am hoping […]

Nail Shop Thoughts

Just an ordinary day… I’m sitting in the nail shop discovering how impatient I am. Although I know others were here before me I still want my turn to come as soon as I enter the door. As usual one of my small thoughts snowballed into a massive thought of how impatient I am of others around […]

Hater is…Hater Does

The friend that ignores your progress. That co-worker that goes out his/her way to make coming to work unbearable. That person that will not pay you a compliment to save their life. In this day and time we call people such as these Haters.  I have learned in life when others are miserable they tend […]