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Nail Shop Thoughts

rquniquely/ May 12, 2018/ Mental Notes/ 0 comments

Just an ordinary day… I’m sitting in the nail shop discovering how impatient I am. Although I know others were here before me I still want my turn to come as soon as

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Hater is…Hater Does

rquniquely/ March 21, 2018/ Mental Notes/ 0 comments

The friend that ignores your progress. That co-worker that goes out his/her way to make coming to work unbearable. That person that will not pay you a compliment to save their life. In

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The Power of No

rquniquely/ October 27, 2017/ Mental Notes/ 2 comments

In my opinion, everyone wants to be liked. Everyone seeks acceptance. Some will die and never experience what it is to be liked or accepted. Some will spend their entire life trying to

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Gotta Have Faith!

rquniquely/ June 16, 2017/ Mental Notes/ 4 comments

Faith… A 5 letter word that can change your entire life with one swift decision. Faith is something you  heavily rely on when you whole-heartedly want to do something. You don’t care what

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