Invisibility Factor Part 2

Now that I given myself time to feel this invisible emotion it is now time to process this feeling. If you ever felt like this you have to know this is not an enjoyable feeling. Like all bad emotions I have to take the steps to process this and find a constructive way of handling this emotion. […]

Invisibility Factor Part 1

I promised myself… I would not use my blog as a diary, but the more I read other people’s blogs the more I am inspired and realized my blog is purposed as my personal platform. Although I have the license to express myself I want to do it also with the intent of helping others. I am hoping […]

Hater is…Hater Does

The friend that ignores your progress. That co-worker that goes out his/her way to make coming to work unbearable. That person that will not pay you a compliment to save their life. In this day and time we call people such as these Haters.  I have learned in life when others are miserable they tend […]

Remembering the Forgotten Heroes

I am currently viewing NBC’s “The Brave” and I love the different action packed scenes brought on by the various missions the Special Ops team must undergo. This show has heightened my appreciation of our soldiers. Although I have always admired our soldiers, it makes it more apparent how much they risk their lives to […]

Discovering a Life That Fits

A while ago,  my fingers were so swole that my wedding rings were cutting off the circulation. Although they were tight and uncomfortable for days I dealt with the pain. I was hoping the swelling would go down but it would not. A few days later I had to get this rings off so I lathered […]

The Power of No

In my opinion, everyone wants to be liked. Everyone seeks acceptance. Some will die and never experience what it is to be liked or accepted. Some will spend their entire life trying to obtain people’s affection and approval. This is entirely human nature until you decide to defy that feeling. Personally, I’ve spent majority of […]

5 Ways to Stop Skid Row Thinking

If you have seen the movie ,Little Shop of Horrors, you are familiar with the “Skid Row (Downtown)”song lyrics. For those that have never seen this movie, Skid Row referred to an impoverished lifestyle. The people felt trapped downtown and gave up on the life they wanted. But seriously if you have not seen this […]

Applying the Grieving Process to Losing a Job

What Has Happened? Eleven years on a job is a pretty long time for someone aged 34. I spent most of my young life at this Firm and was disheartened when I walked into the job to discover I was laid off. I was not let go due to performance or being difficult to get […]

Frasier’s Fable on Happiness

The show Frasier was introduced in my life a little over 2 years ago. It was love at first watch! I love the heart and ego of Fraiser, over-confident Niles, the quirkiness of Marty, the sassiness of Roz and the bad-assedness of Daphne. Although the Crane brothers were rather pretentious, in my opinion sometimes they […]