Are we supposed to care about getting blocked on Social Media?

I was up late at night going through my Facebook only to discover that I haven’t seen a friend’s feed in a while. So I search for them on my friend’s list only to discover they blocked me. via GIPHY My first reaction was to get upset and maybe text this person. Then I stopped […]

Is Belongingness a Necessity?

“Familiarity is the social glue that bonds people together, and we deliberately seek out the similar and the recognizable in order to feel secure. If we’re doing the same as everyone else, we must be doing it right, and finding a reflection of ourselves in those around us is a form of validation.” Joanna Cannon […]

B.Y.O.K’s Top 25 Motivational Quotes

I am a person that hangs on words and believe in surrounding myself with positive EVERYTHING. At times I sometimes cannot think of the words and I have to have to always some positive quotes in my pocket. Here are some of my favorite quotes that leave inspired. 1. “Be Yourself;  everyone is already taken.” […]

An Eternity Later …”What Exactly is a Lifestyle Blogger?”

Almost three years ago, I made the decision to start my blog and was taxed with the decision to choose my niche. Being a travel blogger was out because I did not travel much. I like to dress nice but not enough to solely become a fashion blogger. I am not a mom or a […]

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 19-21

Day 19: My Worst Habits Considering I am so awesome, I am pretty sure I am close to perfect. Just playing! My worse habit is self-sabotaging. Like, nothing wrong could be happening and I will create something. This is a bad habit that was brought to my attention by my high school best friend. She […]

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15-18

 I am determined to complete this challenge. Day 15: Timeline of my Day  I am not really a creature of habit however, recently  I’ve been making attempts to establish a routine. Below is my current weekday routine.   6:15a: Lying in the bed wondering what I am doing with my life.   6:30a: Sitting in the bathroom […]

31 Day Challenge: Days 12-14

Last week I returned to work from my long vacation. Needless to say it took a minute for me to get back into the grove of things. I I am almost half-way through the challenge and I would love to follow through with it. Today I am going through Day 12-Day 14. Enjoy! Challenge Day […]

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10-11

Day 10: First Celebrity Crush My first celebrity crush was Batman A.K.A Marques Houston from Immature. I remember the first time I saw the “Feel the Funk” video, it was love at first site. I mean he was telling me to “let my body flow and feel the funk”. I had no idea what funk […]

31 Day Blogging Challenge: Days 7-9

I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I have surely enjoyed mines. The hubby and I decided to spend this holiday with just the two of us and we had a ball, playing card games and stuffing our faces. Because I took a break from blogging  several days I decided to lump day 7-9 […]

31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 Topic: Three Personality Traits I am Proud of Let me preface this post to say I am a Gemini so I have double maybe triple the personality traits that make up my beautifully complicated self. It is so hard to narrow it down to three, but I sure will try. Versatile Although I […]