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EP 17: Get into the Game with Four Point Play

In this episode, we had the honor of speaking with coach and Co-founder of the non-profit organization, Four Point Play. Take flight with us as we learn about Four Point Play and the importance of instilling the fundamentals of teamwork and implementing physical activities in our youth’s routine. Where to Find Andre: Website: Instagram:
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Minisode 14: Love is You Looking in the Mirror

This minisode contains a quick exercise to pencil into your self-care regimen. Facing ourselves in the mirror is a great way of becoming more acquainted with Self.  Contact Me at info@beyourownkindInterested in Being a Guest: out the platform: Grab some BYOK Merch: Guess what? You can text me now! I’ll reply to
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EP: 15 Surrogacy: The Gift of Hope

In this episode,  I had the honor of speaking with the surrogate mother, Elizabeth, and the parents, Martin and Annette about the transactional and emotional components of the Surrogate process. It was also a blessing to see such a wonderfully formed friendship between Elizabeth and the parents. Where to Find Elizabeth: Instagram: Doyenne_polymath Check out the
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EP 15: Taking Flight with Ampsconnected

In this episode, we take a vibrant voyage with Traveling Songstress and Podcaster Alexcia Plummer. During this trip, we visit the topics of the Black Lives Matter movement, places traveled and travels on our wish list, music, food, and more. Where to find Alexcia Plummer:Website: Instagram: Interested in being a guest on the
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EP 14: Radical Transparency About Life Post-Divorce

In this episode, we connected with Author and Motivational Speaker Charlie Marcol as she shares her past experiences of her marriage and divorce. She also shares her experiences dating post-divorce and how she found self-love in the process. Charlie Marcol can be found on the following Platforms: Website: Instagram: Interested in being a
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EP 13: Can Hip Hop Conserve America?

In this episode, we linked with journalist and podcaster Manny Faces to discuss the many ways Hip Hop can save America. Manny expresses how a dose of Hip Hop can help expand opportunities in inner-city communities, bring awareness to civil issues, improve mental health, and more . Manny Faces can be found on the following
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EP 12: How to Shake up the Business Industry

In this episode we learned about business disruptors and how hiring a tech consultant can enhance our opportunity to capitalize on our ideas.     I had the honor of speaking with Business & Tech Consultant, Keshia Richmond. Keshia has 25 years of experience as a Business and Tech Consultant, Analyst, Designer, Software Project Management, Custom &
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Bonus Episode 10: Say What?!?: Is Child Support a Resource or a Weapon?

In this episode, the video clip we are reviewing an interview between Sara Molina and Hollywood Unlocked. This clip is highlighting the stressors and stresses of child support. Sources: Visuals can be found on Youtube: Grab some BYOK Merch: Guess what? You can text me now! I’ll reply to your texts when I
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Minisode 13: Ways to Handle Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) during the Pandemic

In this episode, we talk about creative ways of tacking Seasonal Affective Disorder during the Pandemic.  Guess what? You can text me now! I’ll reply to your texts when I can and will send updates, exclusive content, and more. HMU: (773) 819-2378. OR click here: Check out the BYOK Platform: Grab some BYOK Merch:

EP:10 Dear Brown Girl, Breathe.

In this episode, I linked with blogger and podcaster Devon Hall to discuss the importance of Black Women utilizing their voice or simply taking the time to breathe. Mental Health within the Black Women population is sometimes overlooked as we are expected to consistently wear a cape. Today, I implore you to give the cape
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