Freedom through Time Management

Recently I’ve been listening to the audio book, 168 hours by Laura Vanderkam. Taking her advice of prioritizing what is inportant to me, I discovered what was actually important to me vs. what I thought was important. Advertisements


Interview with Dope Plus-Size Model Shinar

Short Story. I was perusing through Instagram and came across this empowering image of a confident, black, full-figured model name Shinar. I instantly followed her on Instagram and was further inspired by each post I viewed. Her pictures were more than fashion to me but an ode to be comfortable in my own skin. Her […]

Interview with Entrepreneur GaBBY

Perusing the internet, I stumbled upon a Great invention that was created by a mom, Rozalynn Goodwin and her daughter, Gabrielle Goodwin. To my surprise, this business was formed from a mother’s Twitter rant pertaining to the number of hair bows that were disappearing off her daughter’s ponytails on a daily basis. At the time, […]

Anti-Superwoman Mentality- Your Efforts are Enough

Introduction I don’t normally target a specific audience but ladies, we do a lot! We are constantly multitasking, fixing what’s broken, nurturing our family all while dealing with the insecurity of inadequacy. On top of that, social media is naming us Queens and Superwomen. What a heavy title to live up to! I am not […]

Getting Stitched with Baby Room Couture

Looking for customized bedding or a comfy blanket for your lil one? If so, look no further as Baby Room Couture can satisfy this need! Baby Room Couture provides hand stitched children linen, bath robes and more. This Chicago-based business, started by Marjorie Rogers, provides intimately custom-made items that will leave you captivated upon receipt […]

Executive Behavior’s Life Coach Nesha

I had the pleasure of meeting Life Coach Nesha through a friend of mine at a business expo. Last year we traveled to New York and I experienced her networking and encouraging everyone she came across. She is not just an influential woman but she carries herself as a brand and owns her words with […]

Creating A Healthy World with Fitness Coach Fannie

Fitness is that word that make most mouths cringe. Most people avoid this topic as it may seem frustrating or difficult for some to reach their fitness goals. Most people struggling to reach a healthy weight feel defeated and hopeless. I speak from experience, as I have tried all the fad diets, diet pills, you […]

Lady C’s Creations: Baking one Dream at a Time

Mrs. Chardai Kerby a.k.a Lady C is a citizen of the Own Kind Campaign as she has taken her talent and added her own spin to the world of baking by providing aesthetically designed delicious desserts. Seven years ago, she created her online bakery, Lady C’s Inspired Creations, that has left a major footprint in […]