How the Healthcare Industry is failing Black Women

Over 90 days, I experienced discomfort and pain from an indelible menstrual cycle. In the first 30 days, I was not alarmed because my menstrual cycle has lasted 30 days before. Upon the second month, I knew something was not right; I made the conscious decision to schedule a doctor’s appointment. The initial doctor’s appointment […]

Plastic Surgery: Helpful or Harmful?

The fact that my website is called Be Your Own Kind this subject is very conflicting. I encourage others to create a life that best fits them, so technically why would body enhancements be different? Transparency If I always wonder if I had dispensable cash would I get a tummy tuck for my stomach rolls […]

Sugar Detoxing…

Giving up sugar was not so sweet (pun intended). I realized I may be a little addicted to sugar. To make sure this assumption was correct I looked up the word addiction. So by that definition…yea it’s an addiction. Anytime I’m having a hard day I reach for my favorite candy bar, ice cream, cake, […]

Is Your DNA the Answer to the Nutrition & Exercise Plan Perfect for You?

By Clare Williamson  Clare Williamson is a self-confessed health addict and New Zealand Muay Thai Amateur Fighter training out of Tauranga Martial Arts Academy, New Zealand.  Nutrition and exercise are a big part of her life and after guessing for many years about the different types of diets and workouts that optimized her training she finally […]

Food for Thought

Food. This 4-lettered word comes with pleasure and fear. Fear from eating too much of it, eating too little of it, not eating the right type, not including the right type, not checking all of the nutritional value or the many categories on the packages. Whether is more beneficial to try Paleo or Keto. Or […]