The Story Behind the Story

Meet our Guest Author Rachel Ellynn M. Rachel Ellynn M. is a published poet and author in KCMO. Her next piece becomes available 2.14.20, entitled the garden boy. You can find more writing on her blog and social media. Also you can follow her on the following: Twitter: @rachelellynnm Facebook: @rachelellynnm Instagram: @rachelellynnmauthor Preface The release of my upcoming […]

Make a List and Check It Twice

Being Financially Responsible During the Holiday Season By:Kelly Emmons The holidays can be tons of fun and loads of stress. The stress especially applies to finances. If you are familiar with pinching pennies or taking on debt to make it through the holidays, then you understand. Planning can help you to have a happier, stress-free […]

I Love Her More

By: Anonymous Baby Momma Drama! Yup, that’s me! The 8 year on and off relationship ended when he decided to go off with another girl. The truth was, I wasn’t capable of loving him anymore after he had left us for drugs, no matter how much he changed, and I just couldn’t. Yeah, maybe I […]

Is Your DNA the Answer to the Nutrition & Exercise Plan Perfect for You?

By Clare Williamson  Clare Williamson is a self-confessed health addict and New Zealand Muay Thai Amateur Fighter training out of Tauranga Martial Arts Academy, New Zealand.  Nutrition and exercise are a big part of her life and after guessing for many years about the different types of diets and workouts that optimized her training she finally […]


By: Maridonna A. Burgin It’s the year 2018!! Who has time to not have it all sorted?? It’s overwhelming how much we as friends,students, employees, managers, etc have toaccomplish in one day!! I mean how do we do it all?Moreover it’s understood that time seems to begetting less and less. So, how do we combat thismass hysteria? […]

Melissa Flickinger: Words I Live By

Follow Melissa at: Blog Website: Facebook:  perspectivechangeseverything Twitter: @perspective805 My dad is a “no BS” kind of person. He despises dishonesty. He doesn’t believe in quitting or giving up. He won’t give you his opinion unless you ask for it, and if you ask for it, be prepared to hear what he thinks. He […]

Guest Blogger Wrae Sanders

I am happy to announce Be Your Own Kind’s first guest blogger. Thank you Wrae Sanders for your contribution! Wrae Sanders Social Media Information: Website: Facebook: Instagram: @shortstackblogs Email: Author Bio: Wrae is a mental health and parenting blogger in Louisville, KY. She is married and has three children, who are 12, […]