Lunch Break IG Live: Snoop and that Turtleneck + Media Selective Judging

On this snowy day I am ranting about the Red Table Talk clip I saw featuring Snoop Dogg. Also I don’t understand why some people are judged and others ignored when committing the same act! Somebody,please help me understand. Join me Mon-Fri, Noon EST time at Advertisements


Lunch Break IG Live: Basing first impressions on Zodiac Signs + Blending in for acceptability

Today’s talk is about rejecting others based on their Zodiac sign and Camouflaging your Identity for acceptance. Join me at Noon EST time on Instagram at

Lunch Break IG Live: Forgiving Self + Manifestation + Things to C0me this Week

I had a little bit to say about forgiving yourself and manifestation. Join me Noon EST to join this IG live! IG handle: be_yourownkind

Lunch Break IG Live: The After Effects of Forgiveness + Blessing in the Storm

Today me and my fuzzy hair talked about the After Effects of Forgiveness and The Blessing from being uncomfortable. Come join me at Noon on Mon-Fri on Instagram: be_yourownkind

Lunch Break IG Live: Don’t Push Me!

Today’s live included a couple of IG friends as I ranted about holding my composure. P.S. I think I’m going to sit back a little further tomorrow…I’m all up in the camera…lol Wanna catch the Live…my IG is @be_yourownkind and I come on around Noon EST.

Lunch Break IG Live: Do It Scared + A little bit about myself

To connect more and just randomly give my thoughts…going forward Mon-Fri for no less than 15 minutes I’m going live on IG. Here is today’s live about doing things even when scared. I encourage comments! 😁😁😁 These lives will be aired around Noon M-F. My Instagram is be_yourownkind

The Angry Black Woman

I am a Black Woman so you know I am not about to drag the Black Woman. In lieu of Black History I thought we can start off the month celebrating the most underrepresented and disrespected population. Connect with me this upcoming Tuesday to exchange opinions. Articles mentioned in the Live: – –… […]

Week Recap: TikTok is Epic + Men Als0 Need Nurturing + Relationships Need to Discuss $$$ & MORE

This is officially my first YouTube Video! This video is a recap of topics posted on my website. Please SUBSCRIBE to the Channel. Thank you for watching.

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