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Be Your Own Kind is looking to partner with you to expand and expose your business to a different set of audiences. Please email us at or click the button below to contact us for more information. 

What & Where is Our Platform?

The Be Your Own Kind Platform accentuates self-love and self-care. We can be found on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Our platform consists of a podcast that streams on Amazon MusicAnchor, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Youtube, and most podcast streaming platforms. Last year we started the BYOK Platform Youtube Channel that  serves as vlogging platform. Also, every Friday we host a livestream that simultaneously airs on Facebook, Twitch and Youtube. When partnering with us your brand would frequently by posted on all our social media sites and livestreams. We ask all brands to review our content to see if our brand match your brand.

What Our Sponsorships Offer

Brand Commercials

Have a commercial created? Great! Don’t have a created commercial? We’ll make you one. Either way, Be Your Own Kind will air your commercial twice a week on social media platforms concurrently with ads. Your commerical will also air on every podcast and Livestream show. Please note that commercial creation charge will be included in package and will also be tailored to advertise current promotions. 

Custom Online Advertisement

Nothing grabs customer’s attention than a vibrant and catchy ad. Be Your Own Kind will assure your flyer is posted daily on our site. We will also create a new ad on a bi-weekly basis. Please note that all ads will be tailored to advertise your current promotions. 

Product Reviews

Be Your Own Kind is open to provide an honest and thorough review of your product. A post will be made on the Be Your Own Kind Blog and a video will be created to highlight my experience. This is an added bonus to partnering with us. 

If you just would like for us to review your product, please send your product to us. Please note that all product reviews outside of a sponsorship package will not include a video or post. The review will be posted on Social Media sites only. 

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