In my Own Backyard

I was raised in the wonderful city of Chicago, although, the world currently knows it as Chi-raq, it is still the best city to me. Call me insane, but I believe our skyline is magnificent. It seems as if the sky is a backdrop to our majestic sequence of skyscrapers that include our infamous Willis […]


Fear and its many “Splendors”

Fear is that four letter world that can block someone’s entire world from progressing.  It can be broken down to a fear of spiders and extend to the fear of failing. There are so many levels to fear, however, in my opinion there is one developmental factor.  That factor is experience.  Now others may say […]

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Getting Aware with Brittany Stevenson

The Be Your Own Kind blog is about taking bold moves towards stepping outside of the box.  However, it is impossible for a person to focus on their desired path if their body and space have been violated.  Although people have survived such attacks, the healing period takes time and heavy support to allow the […]

A Unique Lesson Learned from Cookie Jam

Before I get to the point of this blog, I thought I would introduce Cookie Jam to those of you that are unfamiliar with this game. Cookie Jam is a popular phone game that consist of limitless levels requiring the player to match, shapes and pastries until the desired items are collected within the allotted […]