About Me

Little Bit About Me

My name is Renita and I am a proud wife of 7 years. I also love crafting! It ignites my creative side and eventually led me to learn how to make wreaths. With practice, I eventually opened my Etsy shop R.Q. Uniquely, a shop specializing in party paraphernalia, and is enjoying every minute of building my inventory. I am excited about all of the ideas I have for my shop so be sure to tune in for more.

Why I Started A Blog?

Besides crafting, I feel like I have an innate talent of encouraging others which ties in with my love for writing.  What other way to fulfill my need to encourage and to write then to start a blog?  With this in mind I started Be Your Own Kind. If you ask the question, “Be my own kind of what?”. I would reply be your own kind of anything you desire to be!

In this blog I will share my personal epiphanies and experiences while introducing others who are walking that less taken road of being original. I hope that you enjoy my quirky posts and join me in living a life when it’s acceptable to not always be perfect but strive to be your own kind of everything without apologies.


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