D.O.A.C.B. ” Noom, Noom, Noom”

I was hoping to have crossed the 320 thresholds, however, over the last couple of weeks, I was moving further from it. Discouraged that I did not have a topic to write about last week, I also found myself falling behind in my workload.

Although I am still hanging with the 330s, I managed to lose 2 of the 4 pounds I gained. What was it that helped me, you asked?

Well, it wasn’t self-motivation that’s for damn sure. But I realized I needed help from someone that did not know me. In my last D.O.A.C.B. episode, I talked about how loved ones inadvertently hurt your feelings with their ill-thought-out statements.

A couple of months back I joined Noom, and I was losing weight as it was forcing me to weigh myself every day and hold myself accountable. So, I decided to go back to Noom. I must say the anxiety is decreasing. I have a Noom health advisor I speak to every other day. The money I would spend quarterly on them amounts to three times the cost I spent on fast food. I am using this money to invest in myself and I believe the gradual progress and mind makeover is well needed.

With Noom, I realized how taxing meal planning is. I plan everything else and now meals too! To make it easier, I purchase what I am going to munch on throughout the week. The upside of working from home; is not being taunted by fast-food restaurants. Well, sort of, so I had to delete the culprits, Doordash and UberEats.

This week I purchased a lot of chicken, tuna, grapes, and some energy snacks with cheese and nuts. Chips were also purchased because Noom said I could have them within reason.

I must say I never thought I would weigh myself and document what I eat every day including weekends. Now all I have to do is move around just a tab bit more. I am moving more…but I know that I can move more than that.

Speaking of moving a lot, I talked with my Uncle and he was trying to convince me of the importance of having a workout partner. I explained my reasons for opting out of that and he was not hearing that. My main reasoning was not letting my partner down if I could not work out. My side jobs cause me to work off different schedules and not allow me to schedule things at a designated time. He was right, however, about returning to the gym and I used the pandemic as an excuse not to go…but I go everywhere else.

Sorry, this post was not too eventful, but I wanted to touch base with you all. How are you coming along with your personal goal? Remember the end of the year does not indicate a terminal end…so keep going.  

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