A.M.A. Live: Fundamentals of Friendship & Odd Cheating Scenario

This Episode was Epic! We were presented with 3 live Friendship scenarios that cooked up Great Conversation. Plus we had a very interesting question in the Kee with Ree segment.


Intro: 0:00-3:04

Kee with Ree: 3:05-9:15

Fundamental of Friendship: 9:16-12:04

What does Friendship Mean to You?: 12:05-25:01

What Qualities in a Friend are Most Important to You: 25:02-31:11

How do you offer appreciation to your friends? What do you day or do to show that you care? 31:12-49:46

Sisterhood Investment: 49:47-57:40

It Just Got Real: 57:40-01:04:40

Lisa is Back! 01:04:41-01:20:20

Outro: 01:20:20-01:30:52

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