Two Cent Wednesday: Spotify vs. Tidal + Ellen Intrusive Question + Big Latto is At it Again

In this week’s episode, we discussed the hindrance in Tidal’s growth, Ellen impeding on Justin Beiber and his wife and Rapper Mulatto being offensive, yet again.

Chapters: Intro 0:00-1:31

Joys of Spotify: 1:32-3:34

Tidal vs. Everyone Else 3:35-17:01

Spotify Wrapped 2020 17:02-23:57

Ellen’s intrusive Question: 23:58-28:31

Mulatto’s Problematic Colorist Statement: 28:32-43:34

Why Mulatto chose her Current Rap Name: 43:35-47:15

Bi-Racial Opinion of the Word Mulatto: 47:16-51:44

Kevin Hart’s Remark Toward his Netflix Special: 51:45-1:00:32

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