Book Review: Dear Pinq

About 5 years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Brittany Garth, a.k.a. Life Coach Brittany in New York. Some friends and I flew to New York to attend her book launch party. She was very personable and her energy exuding positivity.

Her Platform, Pinq Inc, offers Virtual Assistants, Public Speaking Coaching, online operations management, and business coaching. Her headquarters located in Richmond, VA offers co-working space to small businesses.

After reading her book Dear Pinq, I have a clear understanding of her reason to dedicate her life to helping women. In my opinion, her trials in life motivated her to ensure other women do not have to go through the entrepreneurial process blindsided. But let me not get ahead of myself.

Rewinding time, I purchased the book, Dear Pinq, from Life Coach Brittany’s Book Signing Event in New York. Besides being enamored by New York’s vibe, I was intrigued by how relatable and kind Brittany was. I hate to admit that I am just getting around to reading her book, however, I believe in God’s timing and this book was right on time.

Life Coach Brittany personality throughout the book was illuminating. Also, I loved how she incorporated self-development tools within her chapters. To be transparent and this book changed my life.

Dear Pinq’s Main Idea

I could take the easy way out and say the main idea of the book was Brittany, but it was deeper than that. In the midst of her sharing her life experiences, it became clear that her main idea was every woman that has been heart-broken, disrespected, alone, or misguided. I resonated with her in each detailed experience and felt like I was in a non-verbal encounter with a friend.

Brittany started her book by describing her devastation from her fiancee unexpectedly breaking off their relationship. She highlighted the agony from mounting the relationship and the plans attached to that relationship. After sharing this experience, she then dedicated the remaining of the chapter to giving pointed relationship advice. My favorite part of this chapter was clearing up the misconception of an independent woman.

The following chapter takes us on a journey of her career and how she decided to stay at a job that no longer paid her out of fear of stepping out on faith. Although now it is obvious she did, but it is inspiring to anyone that is struggling with taking that chance to see how someone at her state in life felt that way. Her career and entrepreneur chapters went hand in hand. After discussing her career choices it was great to later learn some of her business tips and tricks. I loved how she pointed out the importance of staying in your lane and not spending your time comparing your business endeavors to someone else’s.

It is never a great idea to compare your business to others as the difference is what they add to their business and what you add to yours. Life Coach Brittany also went into depth about body image, processing her past, and picking up the pieces. She was very transparent in these chapters and once again it felt like I was holding a conversation with a friend.

My Opinion

If I could describe this book in one word it would be Inspirational. After I finished this book I felt like a received some extra wind to keep going. The activities she provided at the end of the chapters were eye-opening and a flip of my perspective. I resonated with her when she mentioned that her close circle did not understand her mission. I remember being in a relationship with it abruptly ending and now I am standing there like “Now what.” I am in the process of building a business and sometimes I am winging it because a lot of business owners are not opening a helping hand.

This book was the motivation I needed in a time of a pandemic where everyone is trying to figure life out. This book will help a dependent person become self-reliant. Her activity about digging into the past and speaking to different age ranges in a life-time freed my soul. This book seemed like a Ted Talk (which she has spoken at, by the way).


I recommend this book to EVERY WOMAN. This is a book that will resonate with any woman at any stage of their life. I recommend this book to women looking for business tips, learn life nuggets, or motivation. “Dear Pinq”, felt like “Dear Renita”. Life Coach Brittany, all I can say is “Thank you. “

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