D.O.A.C.B: Gobble, Gobble, Wobble

Last week I gained two pounds and I have to say I was not devastated. I walked with my fit bit but I also received a fresh box of Fannie Mae’s Milk Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patties.

They were so good and now they are long gone. I am grateful they are gone…yet I will think of them from time to time.

So we all know the general rule of thumb is to work off more calories than you consume yet there was not enough walking in the world to work off that gooey goodness. On the positive side, I did stop eating when full, then later on I ate a cluster. Because excuses are not welcomed in this segment, I have to just pick up the pieces and start over.

Butttt….I don’t want to make myself out to be a liar because we do have every food lover’s holiday happening Thursday. I have never been one to gobble the ham and I only like turkey wings. But…Hunty! I will tear up some macaroni and cheese and candied yams. Not to mention the cake…OMG! And even if I survive this holiday the Christmas holiday is peeking around the corner.

So in order to follow this rule of thumb, I am going to have to enter the COVID 19 world and go to the Gym. This is the only way I am going to survive. I am going to have to put on some clothes wrap up my face, cover my hands with rubber gloves, and take one for the team. If you don’t know I work from home, so this is a great feat for me.

By working from home, I am not faced with all the goodies Christmas brings. I predict most of my Christmas parties will be virtual so I can potentially gobble down water. Wouldn’t it be funny if I ate a salad via Zoom while others gobbled candy? I would think I would be reminding people to be healthy or maybe in the spirit of the Grinch make people feel guilty for eating horribly.

 All jokes aside this holiday I can come out of here victorious being home and I am the only one standing in the way. Thanksgiving and Christmas are only on one day. Eating is a part of both holidays but it is not the foundation of the celebration, right? Let’s think about this, the celebration is spending time with family and….eating! Having great conversation and…eating! Watching movies and…you guessed it, eating! Please pray for me.

My aim is to come to you next week two pounds lighter and I can’t wait to brag about it.

Do you also struggle with your eating during the Holidays? What are ways you combat that?

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