D.O.A.C.B.: A Matter of Life and Death

As stated in my Lifestlyin’ video, life is about choices. There are instances in our lives that we can control and there are some that we can’t. I questioned in my video, why individuals focus on the things beyond their control.

This D.O.A.C.B. segment is going to be a documented segment of my health journey. This is no longer a weight loss journey as I seem to not take that naming convention seriously enough. Consequently, transitioning the title of the journey from weight loss to health journey purposes it as a life or death ordeal.

The entire ” life and death” concept makes this journey essential. It makes it dire for me to change as the longer it takes me to get healthy, the more I am shortening my existence. Death is not always physical. For instance, I love rollercoasters, adventures, and moving around. Currently, I cannot fit on a coaster, I can not walk longer than 15 minutes without getting tired and I dread moving around. Sounds like death to me.


Even with all of that said and done, the very next day I ordered bread pudding and ignored my Fitbit when it told me to walk. Even knowing I am choosing death, I continue to do it.

Diet and Excercise

Weight loss is far more than cosmetic, it is also an inward thing. Some people feel fantastic at their size but I don’t,so that means a change is needed. That means at 300+ pounds I may need to curb my portions. That means I may have to find some vegetables I love. That means I may need to limit dessert. This means I need to do the work to experience feeling comfortable with myself.

With that being said I loathe the word diet. It makes me feel like I am on punishment. The less I am told to do something the more I want to do it. That boils back down to Life or Death. Either it’s curbing some terrible eating or develop Diabetes that runs well in my family.

Exercise is not so bad…it ain’t that good either. Yet again it boils down to Life or Death. If I don’t keep moving it will make it harder and harder to move. If I don’t keep moving I will never lose that weight my doctor recommends I lose to get pregnant.

Damn. What a harsh reality to learn when you are in your own way.

It’s easy to know the things you need to do but application comes from a state of mind. A change of heart. And the wisdom to stick to this because this is 100% within my control.

I pray you don’t take this passage as a bitching session but as my heart spilling on a page about the harsh decision of doing what I want to do vs. what I need to do.

I encourage you to join me each week as I share my health journey. What journey are you currently on? I would love for you to share your journey with me in the comments or join my text community by texting (773) 819-2378.

Whatever journey you are on, let’s support and hold each other accountable.

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