Week Recap: Andre’a Crowder, Rejection Live Recap, Tales of Jaguar Wright

In the episode, I recapped the content published on the BYOK Platform last week. I talked briefly about Andre’ a Crowder’s guest post and my Friday live about rejection.

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I also quickly delved into R&B singer, Jaguar Wright Accusations of Jill Scott, Summer Walker, and Talib Kweli. Table of Contents:

Intro: 0:001:08

Andre’ a Crowder Guest Post: 1:091:30

This Week’s BYOK Live Recap: 1:314:12

Intro of Jaguar Wright: 4:136:01

Summary of Jaguar Comments: 6:026:54

Jaguar on Talib Kweli: 6:558:35

Talib Kweli on Jaguar: 8:369:39

Jaguar Accusations toward Jill Scott: 9:4012:37

Jaguar Accusations toward Summer Walker: 12:3820:02

Jaguar’s Opinion about Female MCs: 20:0322:06

Wrap Up: 22:0722:47

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