Pressing Delete

I recently wanted the iPhone update, but couldn’t get it.  Every time I would try to download the update, a message would pop up saying I needed more space.  By the tone of the message, I knew this meant I had to delete some apps.  With much hesitation and slight annoyance, I deleted a few…but that wasn’t enough. The same message kept popping up, saying “need more space to download.” 

At this point, I was over it. I did not want to delete anymore apps, so I forgot about the update and left it alone. Over the course of two weeks, I kept getting messages about how I needed to update my phone…I ignored the signs. Eventually, my phone stopped working (Forcing me to delete the apps – I didn’t even know that this was possible).  I had to get rid of every app on my phone in order to have enough space to get the update.

I use this example to say this, sometimes we try our hardest to hold on to the very thing we don’t need; to the very thing that God is trying to protect us from! We hold on to bad relationships, we hold on to bad friendships, and like myself, we hold on to apps that need to be removed before change and growth can take place. God is giving you all the warning signs, but you’re grasping so tightly on what you need to let go of……for reasons of your own.

Eventually, you will grow tired of being tired.  You’re going to want more for yourself.  Hurt that could have been bypassed, has now been prolonged because you wouldn’t let go. The heartbreak that could have been avoided is now weighing down on you because you didn’t want to let go. You may not realize it, but sometimes we are the ones holding ourselves back from what God has destined for us.

As a business owner, I had to realize that I had to let some things and some people go. It was a hard reality. Although I love and care for all my relationships, some were becoming toxic. Holding me back, causing me anxiety, and making me feel like what I was doing wasn’t important. PROTECT YOUR PEACE! Friend, family or foe, if they aren’t adding to your life, they are taking away from it. Don’t allow people to steal that from you!

If you feel as though there is something or someone that you are holding on to, that is hindering you from walking in your purpose, begin by doing this:

Identify the Problem

*  Be honest with yourself.  Jot down anything you think is keeping you from advancing in your life. It can be anything (i.e. bad relationships, negative friendships, bad garden in school, lack of accountability, distractions, family members, lack of focus…Anything!

How can I fix this Problem

*Write different ways the problem can be fixed. Make these realistic because the goal is for you to work on it.

Put your plan into Action

*Spend time putting your plan into action. You’ve identified the problem, you’ve come up with a solution…now let’s go to work.

The bottom line is, God wants His best for you. You don’t have to consume yourself with negativity because it may be ‘comfortable’. Diamonds aren’t diamonds until after they have been put through the fire; until they have been cut and shaped, molded into what they need to be. With diamonds, there is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight.

You may go through the fire, you may have a period of struggle, but there is something beautiful at the end of the pressure. Settling is NOT an option.  Allow God to come in and take control of that area of your life.  Be open to change and be ready to move when He says “move.”  Sometimes the biggest blessings come when you step out of our comfort zones and into the unknown.  It may be difficult now, but you will look back and see it was all worth it. It’s time to PRESS DELETE!

About the Author:

Andre’a Crowder is a wife and mother of 3 young children. She is also an owner of Robin’s Sweets Treats which is based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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