Week Recap: Generational Curse Episode+Dr. Seuss, a Racist+What in the Marvin Gaye is G0ing on?

This week’s recap is features talks about my interview with Debbie L. London about generational curses. I am also talking about my discovery of Dr. Seuss’ bigotry. Also, I touched upon my thoughts about the current Black Lives Matter protests and looting.

#byok #blacklivesmatter #peppapig #generationalcurses #looting #protests


  • 0:48: Podcast Interview with Debbie L London
  • 2:43 Peppa Pig’s Shade
  • 5:32 Dr. Seuss, a Racist?
  • 7:18 Police Brutality & Protests

Video/Website Sources:

Peppa Pig Video: https://youtu.be/jil0WCh_UoQ

News Video: abcnews.go.com/Live

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