Relationship Red Flags Highlighted in Netflix’s “Love is Blind”

I am very late to the game about Netflix’s show, “Love is Blind”.

I can honestly say I loved the show but not for obvious reasons. My love for the show derived from the plethora of scenarios most people are faced with a new relationship. On top of meeting their “soulmate”, they were faced with planning their lives with these strangers. How cool it was for two of the relationships being crazy enough to take a chance on love.

This article is not at all about summarizing the show, but to discuss the relationship scenarios that jumped out at me.

Although the show is called is “Love is Blind”, the contestants were able to see their mates before marrying them. At first sight, Jessica was not physically attracted to Mark. The audience first discovered that Mark was her second choice and she was at first gearing for Barnett.

In the pods, Barnett sort of proposed to her and instantly changed his mind the very next day. Once she took a glance t Barnett she admitted that he fit her physical profile. Although she was emotionally connected to Mark, she could not see past his looks.

Nevertheless, Mark catered to her and was doing all the right things but Jessica just could not get past his looks. Have you ever dated someone that was the ¾ the package but you passed on him because you weren’t physically attracted to him? Is it right to be choosy? And is this choosiness causing some to miss out on happiness?

Diamond and Carlton seemed like a match made in heaven until Carlton admitted he withheld the fact that he was bi-sexual. This situation brought up a lot of conversations on the internet. Some people argued that he should have brought it up before proposing and others thought he should’ve shared this information right away.

I felt he should have told her right away. This show was basically a speed dating version of Married at First Sight and he needed to disclose that to anyone he was interested in. He was not afforded the time to fully get acquainted with the women and probably should have mentioned this to every girl. By doing this he might have found a woman that was fine with his sexuality.

In normal circumstances, when is it a good time to disclose your sexuality to your mate? Or do you think it is not necessary to disclose it all?

It is so disheartening that in the year 2020 some people are still uneasy with interracial couples. I honestly believe some of Lauren’s reluctance was due to Cameron’s race. She said to herself that she is Pro black and was afraid that she would be perceived as a traitor. I hope she realized that dating someone outside of her race does not make her less black or Cameron less white. Marriage is a blending of cultures, not a separation.

If one of the partners is culturally uncomfortable with their mate this emotion could trickle down to their offspring. Society seems to already force multi-racial children to choose one part of them but they should not have to experience that within the family. They should be mirror their parents to wholly embrace their combined cultures. If it starts at home then no one in the world could influence them otherwise.

This is a tricky one as we are not supposed to predicate our decisions on other people’s opinions. On the other hand, the family has a way of picking up on people that are toxic in our lives. My mom had the best discernment when I was a teenager and could always tell me if a relationship or friendship would last. As an adult, I took her advice but started testing my intuition when choosing relationships.

As we grow older, we start defining who we are and determine if the people in our lives align with our purpose. Sometimes people that have been in our lives for a long time, may not understand our evolution and question our circle. When choosing a mate we have to have confidence in our decisions even if it bites us in the ass. If it doesn’t work out, we have to be ready to accept that it didn’t work out and learn from that relationship. If we base each person in our circle on the opinions of family, we may miss out on a rewarding relationship.

Yes, a relationship should not be 100% physical but 60% at the most, right? Can 2 people coincide in the same space for years with little to no physical activity? I know there are relationships that once sexually charged and later sizzled over the years. Even in these cases some couples may have increased intimacy in different ways such as quality time or such and such. Yet in still, these couples started with fire and spark. I am not sure if a relationship that begins with a candle flame could ignite until something real. Then again I don’t know everyone in the world and there could be relationships that don’t rate sex at the top of the list.

Giannina and Damian fell heads over heels at first sight. They wished on a star and their dreams came true and were instantly emotionally connected. Giannina even mentioned being in the dark until she met Damian.

Then the honeymoon stage ended and they migrated to Atlanta and learned that maybe they were socially compatible. At Barnett’s surprise birthday party, Giannina and Damian’s outburst immediately killed the vibe of the party. They were screaming at each other and shouting things that were said in private.

Honestly, I would have a hard time interacting with someone that made a public scene. For others, public scenes are sexy and spicy and result in make-up sex. There have been times that my husband and I were arguing in the car and paused that argument until we returned to the car. We are not about embarrassing each other in public. It just doesn’t cut it for us but to each its own.

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