Scuse Me, Does My Fat Make You Uncomfortable?

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you are aware of the stunning Lizzo. She has been out since 2013, yet, 2019 was the year the World acknowledged her talent. Her single, “Good As Hell”, first reached my ears in 2018 and truly inspired me. When she performed “Good As Hell” on MTV last year, the words she recited during the song resonated with me and instantly watered my eyes.

There are so many people out here that are insecure about who they are, what they look like, how to behave, sexual orientation, race, financial status and so on. Media has manipulated us to believe that we are not good enough and has created these standards for us to live up to. 

Why I brought up Lizzo?

She has raised so much controversy with how confident she is in her skin. She is being accused of masking her self-hate with her behavior and attire. The Laker game incident went from her attire being inappropriate to tearing her down. People were appalled and ashamed to see a bare bottom plus size woman as if it were the 1920s. Social media has sensationalized naked women for years but with this single occurrence it was a problem.

I even found myself judging her and even going back and forth with one of my besties about the Laker game outfit. I simply felt this garment that was called a dress was merely a t-shirt and was ill-defined as fashion. I based these on her past fashion efforts and I thought it fell short. Yet in still my thoughts were not focused on her size but my distaste did of the outfit PERIODT.  Even with these thoughts I felt hypocritical considering  my entire platform encourages people to Be Your Own Kind?

So Where Do I Go From Here?

I started reading about body positivity and how  “health professionals” believe this movement promote obesity. Apparently the body positive movement was to make us “Fat Folks” feel accepted as long as we still acted as “Fat Folks”.  I am not really cognizant of the origin of the body positive movement so I looked it up to find it simply means to feel comfortable in one’s skin. This is not a movement reserved for plus sized individuals but for ALL sizes.

According to Psychology Today,

“Shame masked as pride, or its pursuit, is not body positivity. Many popular weight loss and fitness companies run so-called “body positive” campaigns whose surface message is: you should feel good about being in your body. But the subtext is, you can’t feel good in your body as it is — loving yourself and being body positive is about “creating a body you love” instead of starting from a place of love and acceptance and not needing to change your body.

From <>

In other words, when people make changes to their body it should be because they want to and not to fit someone else’s standards. Some people feel Lizzo is perpetuating an unhealthy lifestyle when in fact she is exhibiting self-love.

Being overweight is already uncomfortable with doctors pre-conceived diagnosis before running tests, being mocked in media as sloppy and lazy or being made to feel uncomfortable when wearing clothes that reveal some skin. The plus-sized movement is seen as a way to pacify a community  that makes many people uncomfortable. This leads me to the question “What is it about the Plus-Sized community that makes people uncomfortable?”

Could the problem be that we thick folks are now middle fingering societal standards and working on loving ourselves. Could it be that we figured out our weight don’t define who we are as human beings?

Whatever the case it makes people uncomfortable and now this movement is the so called “root cause” for the world’s obesity rate. How is that so? Anyone that has been overweight understands the self-discipline and mental focus it takes to lose weight. It is not that we don’t know it’s unhealthy, it is the fact that we are no longer hating ourselves to make “healthy” people feel comfortable.

The Day I Realized how Uncomfortable People were with Self-love being Exhibited in the Plus Size Community

So one day I was minding my business and noticed something unnerving pertaining to Lizzo on Twitter. BTW if you are not following me on Twitter….Follow me on Twitter.

Ok, back to the Tweet I saw…

Being the confident chick Lizzo is…she replies

I loved her response and then decided to put my two cents in.

 We struggle enough with accepting ourselves and we just don’t have the room for fake toxic concerns. If you are not adding to the life of people in your life that are overweight then just let them Be. Do know that we take enough scrutiny and fight hard not to perpetuate the negative energy in our lives.

Now, there are a plethora of true contributors of the body positive movement!

I am grateful for plus size models and body positive consultants such as Shinar, Liris Crosse and Ashley Graham just to name a few. Contrary to popular opinion, people like them are spreading self-love to all sizes. Despite the narrative, plus size models, entertainers, actresses and personalities are not promoting obesity they are promoting Self-Confidence and Self-Validation.

What are your thoughts regarding this topic? Have you experienced fat shaming? If so, how did you handle it?

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