31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 15-18

 I am determined to complete this challenge.

Day 15: Timeline of my Day 

I am not really a creature of habit however, recently  I’ve been making attempts to establish a routine. Below is my current weekday routine.  

6:15a: Lying in the bed wondering what I am doing with my life.  

6:30a: Sitting in the bathroom saying my morning prayer, meditating on the Bible and sometimes getting sidetracked by Social Media.  

7:00a: Finally getting ready.  

7:15a: Husband walking in the room wondering what I’ve been doing for an hour.  

7:40a: Off to Work 

8:00a-12:00p: Working  

12:00p-1:00p: Free time at lunch. Usually I am watching a reality show or YouTube.  

1:00p-5:00p:  Working some more 

5:30p: Dinner with the hubby 

6:30p: Whatever I placed in the planner to get done.  

11:30p: Prayer and Nighty Night  

Day 16: Dream Job

When  I was younger, I always wanted to be an international  food critic. I love to travel, eat and of course write. Unfortunately, in my teenage years I developed a shell food allergy so I grew discouraged. Afterwards, I decided to be a journalist but I was not sure what to write about.  

Overtime I changed my mind and decided  to be a psychological profiler because it seemed like a consistent profession but after taking psychology classes in college I then wanted to be a psychologist. After earning my psychology degree I became interested in Human Resources and happily that is the field I am in today.  

Deep down I still think about my Carrie Bradshaw-like career of being a writer. I believe this dream catapulted me to start a blog. I stopped writing for years while in college so I feel like I missed out perfecting my writing skills. I am still working on my craft in hopes of one day being a part-time writer on the side. I still like traveling so maybe I’ll luck up with a writing opportunity that involves traveling and eating non-shell fish delicacies as a bonus.  

Day 17: Favorite Childhood Book 

Hands Down Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham.  Sam I Am taught me not to take “No” for an answer.  

Day 18: What am I afraid of? 

I am afraid of achieving my version of success and losing it all. Because fear is simply anxiety caused by the unknown, I flipped my perspective. Just as possible as it is to lose success, it is just as probable to maintain that success or excel higher. I will never know if I never try, right?  

Also, clowns. I am very afraid of clowns.  

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