31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 10-11

Day 10: First Celebrity Crush

My first celebrity crush was Batman A.K.A Marques Houston from Immature.

I remember the first time I saw the “Feel the Funk” video, it was love at first site. I mean he was telling me to “let my body flow and feel the funk”. I had no idea what funk he was referring to but I wanted to feel it.

My favorite Immature album was “We Got It”. I listened to this album constantly while planning to attend UCLA with Marques where we would run into each other on campus and the rest would be history. Hits like “Please don’t go”, “Lover’s Groove”, “Pager” Crazy”, Pay You Back, “Feel the Funk” and of course “We Got it”. I wonder if it would’ve been easy to just say the entire album.

Not to mention he was on the hit television show, “Sister Sister” as Roger. I did not understand what the twins problems were, he was so hot. Later in life Immature transformed into IMX and I was still a fan, however, my crush slowly transitioned to the rapper Ludacris.

Day 11: Most Proud Moment

I have so many proud moments, I don’t know where to start. I am wondering if it was the time my baby sister was born or my wedding day.

Both events heightened my life but I would have to say my most recent proud moment is when I quit a job that made me miserable and stepped out on faith to land my dream job.

I was nervous of the unknown and was not sure I would land a job that better fit me. Three weeks later I did land my dream job that I am currently working and I have not looked back since. I took a leap and I use to never take a leap…this changed my entire method in life. Also, I made friends with the woman who replaced me at my old job and she loves the position. This also taught me that it is OK to admit when a job is just not for you.

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