31 Day Blogging Challenge: Days 7-9

I hope all of you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. I have surely enjoyed mines. The hubby and I decided to spend this holiday with just the two of us and we had a ball, playing card games and stuffing our faces.

Because I took a break from blogging  several days I decided to lump day 7-9 together. Day 7 requires me to list my top 10 favorite food items while day 8 wants an old picture of me. Lastly, Day 9 wants me to disclose how many piercings and tattoos I have.


Day 7: 10 Favorite Food Items

If you’ve been following me you know that my love affair with food is a daily battle so it’s great for once to celebrate the food I’ve grown to love.

  1. Cabbage and Corned Beef
  2. Strawberries
  3. My mom’s Sweet Potatoes
  4. Lemonade
  5. Pot Roast
  6. My cousin’s Macaroni and Cheese
  7. A medium juicy steak
  8. All types of cheese…the gooey the better
  9. Lemons (yes I eat lemons like they are oranges)
  10. Chocolate (How I love it so!)

Day 8: Old Photo of Me

This picture below is the baby version of me and my maternal grandma. My grandma is embarking on her 100th year and it is exciting yet sad because I don’t know how many years she has left. She taught me how to be a lady. She was all about stepping outside looking the best not for other people but for self ( she would kill me if she knew I posted a picture of her wearing rollers). My grandma is the fanciest lady I know and she held her family down. She put a lot of family members through college including myself. I am forever grateful for all of the lessons I have learned from her. My mom always jokes and says I act just like her…and I am more than OK with that.

Day 9: Piercings or Tattoos?

At one point I had 3 holes in each ear. Over time the second and third holes in my ears closed and I have no desire to re-pierce them.

I have one tattoo but would like to get one more in the near future. The one tattoo that I have is of a butterfly. The irony of this tattoo is I got this as a sign of being liberated from my ex-boyfriend who I reunited with a week later and is currently married too.


Nevertheless, I still love this tattoo and the insane story attached to it. Also I wanted a small butterfly but the artist decided otherwise. It’s all faded now…below is how it looked when I first received it.

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