31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 6

Day 6 Topic: Three Personality Traits I am Proud of

Let me preface this post to say I am a Gemini so I have double maybe triple the personality traits that make up my beautifully complicated self. It is so hard to narrow it down to three, but I sure will try.


Although I am not a fan of change, I can easily adapt to any situation. This ability helps me to keep on moving as I hate to feel stagnant. Going with the flow is something I improve more and more each year. Flowing helps me to accept whatever chapter God has in store for me at the moment. Life is ever-changing but with each change is a teaching moment that promotes personal growth.

Giggly Energy

I love my high energy self that is excited with waking up to a favorite song in my head or hugging my husband when he’s still half sleep. Morning is my time to shine. My ideas are crisp and I am ready to take the day. I’ve always been happy for no real big reason, I mean what am I holding back for, a specific special moment? Happiness is not that special china that sit in the cabinet until a special moment.  Every time God allows me to wake up is a special moment as the new day is not promised to me.


I strongly believe that I am an empath as I can feel someone’s energy before they open their mouth. Sometimes that can be draining which I believe explains why sometimes I hide in the house. It scares me sometimes how much I can feel energy and it makes me want to fix the unfixable. I am saddened when the people I care about are going through something I cannot help with. This personality trait blocks bitterness from growing in my heart and it allows me to have compassion for some people that might not, in some people’s eyes, deserve it. In my opinion, everyone deserves compassion.  Maybe if someone had shown compassion to an individual maybe it would have saved them from doing something they couldn’t take back or better yet save their life.

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