31 Day Blog Challenge Day 4

Day 4 Topic: Earliest Childhood Memory

My earliest memories are comprised of love, adventure and warmth. I honestly can remember bits and pieces of my toddler years that still bring a smile to my face. I remember the shag carpeting my mom would place me on. It was soft and fun to pull at. I remember my Uncle Bubba’s thick black beard and how big his smile was.  

I can’t remember any of my parents expression as an infant but I remember their scents. My mom smelled like sugar and my dad had an oak-wood scent. To date, I can still smell these scents on them, its weird but I do.   

My first best friend was the son of one my mother’s friend. I remember his face and hints of his smiles. Circumstances caused him to move away and my mom told me I was pretty bummed about it. He died this year. May his soul rest in peace.  

My first best friend

Fast forwarding to maybe age 4 or 5 I remember my dad purchasing the largest Easter basket every Easter and how I loved it when would carry me on his back. My paternal grandma worked at a candy factory and she would have mounds and mounds of candy in her house she welcomed me to enjoy. And boy did I! 

I remember my maternal grandma bouncing me on her knee singing “ride little horsey downtown, take care of lil boy don’t fall down”. My mom never missed a Saturday making pancakes and watching cartoons with me. Afterwards, we would go on adventures.  I remember my Godmom taking me to see The Fox and the Hound and trying to calm me down when I found out the animal com-padres could no longer be friends.  

I always felt so loved and secure from the adults that were around me. Kudos to the village that raised me. 

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