31 Day Blog Challenge Day 3

Day 3 Topic: Meaning of my Business Name

My platform “Be Your Own Kind” means simply that. I find that we get entangled in the day to day to be this profession, be this social status, be a certain type of personality, or be the best whatever our relationships “requires” us to be. All of these hats strip a part of ourselves and clouds our option to just Be.

The word “Be” is can serve as a stand alone verb and does not always require supporting actions. Sometimes there is a blessing in embracing who we are in a particular moment.

I found power in just being who I am. I am not obligated to bend my essence for the satisfaction of others. I no longer feel the need to compromise my innate capabilities at the cost of making someone else happy. I just am. I just be.

With all the above in mind, my aim is to encourage others of to tap into their “eccentricities” and glow from it. I want to encourage you to tap into your superpowers unapologetically and live this thing called life to its fullest.

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