Book Review: Grace by Tiffany M. Fincher

“Grace” Main Idea

The author, Tiffany Fincher, reached out to 35 women from ages 29-95 years old. These letters were for the purpose of inspiring and bringing hope. Not only do the stories bring hope to the readers it was beneficial for the co-authors to discover and share the hurdles they overcame.

There is not a woman on this earth who does not have struggles, regrets and QUESTIONS about life!

Tiffany M. Fincher – Author

Every co-author’s story was unique but all shared the magnitude of God’s grace and how victorious they felt afterwards. Some women expressed struggles with body image, underwent relationship issues, were considered awkward at school, or were just afraid of stepping out in their purpose.

My Opinion of “Grace”

Life is a journey, and more than anything, you have to remember to just TRUST THE PROCESS.

Candice Pope – Co-Author

According to Google, Grace is defined as simple elegance or refinement of movement. Each story presented in this book was a tale of women that experienced hard times and came out of them elegantly and victoriously. I noticed the end of each story ended with their gains and lessons they learned from their past.

When you find yourself on the road to comparison, STOP and change directions.

Kimberly Pace – Co-Author

Such language to their younger self involved them to slow down, soak in family and embracing their unique power. With each story I was able to relate their stories to some aspects of my life which left me grateful to know I was not the only one that experienced certain struggles or feelings. I also experienced the relief that I too can overcome those same hurdles.

Tiffany expressed leaving her readers inspired and she did just that. I did not know what to expect as I purchased the book to support a former roommate. After reading this book I was left with fulfillment and wrote a letter to my younger self. This is a definitely a much needed book to add to your library.

I encourage anyone that is in a state of feeling unaccomplished to write a letter to themselves. It will not only birth gratitude, but it will give you perspective of how much a warrior you’ve been over the years and how far God’s Grace has carried you.

Elevate your mind. Show love, and love who you are because you are very strong, smart and clever.

Chereese King – Co-Author

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