Making Progress…

What’s Been Happening?

I know it’s been awhile, but I promise I still been making strides. I’ve still been making steps towards. During the last weeks I touched upon self-validation and the importance of being your own cheerleader. I will tell you that I have been doing just that. “Nita, you know you should move around” or “Do you really need that Dessert.” I argued a lot with myself but in the end two great things happened.

1. My Ankles and Feet Stop Swelling

I woke up one morning and was light on my feet. I was geeked, ya’ll. I was running in the grocery stores yelling, “My feet went down, my feet don’t hurt.” It was amazing. They are now going up and down and not just staying swelled. Exercise has played a major part to this and I feel like I am on the right track.


2. I Lost Six Pounds

The joys of my swelling subsiding, is getting a chance to re-weigh myself. Although these six pounds are realistically water weight.


Getting Organized

This six pounds egged me to get organized and start tracking certain things such as: Amount of water Consumed

-Not eating out

-Spending time with God

-How much I exercise

-Times I get up at 5 am

The tracking is in place to make this journey more deliberate. I have some upcoming medical things that may improve and dissipate if I stay on this course. I’m encouraged. With encouragement comes confidence and with confidence comes consistency. I have to say this has been a tedious two weeks that has made a world of difference of how I feel.

Also, I took some “before” pictures but it’s does not make much sense to post them now it will just simply look like a photo shoot. And I found some workout routines on Pinterest that challenges me, like below.

What Else Been Happening?

I am learning not to take myself so seriously and not be so hard on myself. Life is meant to be lived happily and freely. Although I am trying to get healthy I don’t want my life to revolve my entire life around this goal. I don’t want to be miserable. Some people have preset goals that promises them to live life when things get the way they imagined.

As for me, I am not waiting on a special event to wear that dress. I am not waiting on the holidays to break out the good silverware. I won’t wait for a special occasion to tell someone how I feel. I’m doing it as it comes to mind because tomorrow is not promised.

I am learning goals have their place but they should never override or overstep you living a fulfilling life. With all your grinding make sure you leave some time for fun.

Let’s Chat! What have you been up to lately? What progress are you seeing in your life?

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