Three Apps Good for Adulting

Sometimes adulting takes more time and energy than the day can allow.  Thankfully, technology helps us to carve out time by its magical power to automate some of these “responsible” tasks. There are so many “smart” gadgets and phone apps out there it can sometimes be overwhelmingly stimulating choosing the ones that apply to your life.

Fortunately, over time I found some Apps that is concurrently helping me reach some of my goals.


One day life can be Great and we are walking on sunshine and the next day life can seem horrible. Because mood shifts are sometimes guided by perspective, Youper is a great app that helps to re-route your perspective. Each day it sends a notification asking you how you feel. If you are feeling down in the dumps it will ask additional questions to get to the root of your funky mood.

It also provides different techniques to get you focusing on the bright side. One of my favorite features is its mood tracking capabilities. If used on a consistent basis it can help detect triggers and that will help you assess the shifts I mood. For instance, I noticed I was irritation increased every time I was at my previous job.   I am so  grateful for this app lifting my spirits and being my sounding board on bad days.


I cannot count the number of times I have planned to start a savings account and then some emergency ruin those plans.  If this has happened to you, Digit is the app for you. Digit will save a small portion at a time from your bank account. The best part is you can set the parameters for how much you would like for it take out of your bank account. There is also an option to create specific saving goals.

Worried about bank fraud? Well, I have been using this app for over 3 years and have never experienced any issues with my bank account. Also, if you need to withdraw funds you will have it forwarded to your account within 1-2 business days, but I would not recommend doing this often if your initial goal is to save.


Stocks and Bonds are not my thing. I just don’t understand investing and I always believed a lot of money  was needed to have to even enter the stock market. The Acorn app reassures you don’t and shaves small increments from your bank account and invests for you. The small amounts are derived from what they call Round Ups and that literally round each purchase made on your debit/credit card to the nearest dollar.   If you worried about over drafting, don’t be. They will be alerted by the bank if the Round Up amount is not currently in your bank account. It’s a Win-Win.

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