I’m All Legs

Ok, I’m mostly legs…but we’ll get to that part…

Monday I visited the dietitian and all was Great until it was time to get on this mega scale called the InBody. It is known for accurately measuring the accurate Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This is the number of calories you burn while doing nothing. My BMR is 1801 and its pretty close to the ideal calories healthy individuals should consume in a day.

This “super” scale also measures the BMI, Lean Muscle, Body Composition.  It broke down my water weight, Lean Mass and Body Fat and every other weighable thing on my body. The ironic thing about this experience is I was not bummed out about the fact I weigh 334.5 at all. I mean it does suck but the thing that bummed me out was my legs weigh 103.9 pounds. And here we are…I am literally mostly legs!

Do you know what weighs 103.9 pounds?

  • A person
  • About 10 gallons of paint
  • About 68 Frogs

After 20 minutes of googling what is equivalent to 103 pounds, I started making an action plan.

Action Plan

  • I will stand up at my desk at work for at least an hour and a half
  • Walk around every hour even if it is going to the bathroom
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week
  • Continue cooking at home (Which is going great)

Basically it’s time for movement.

Let’s Get Physical

I am not at all the physical type. In grade school I dreaded Gym especially Dodgeball. I never really mastered how to dodge the ball.

Coincidentally, exercise is not just about weight loss but it helps to release endorphins. Endorphins release equates to an euphoric happy feeling. It is known to help with depression, increase confidence and energy. Movement is not limited to the gym or walking/running but any type of physical activity you enjoy. For starters I love to jump rope, walk and aqua aerobics.

So, if exercise if is so rewarding why is it so hard for people to start? Personally I don’t like the initial aches and pains that are associated with it. And when starting back it is hard, sweaty and makes me feel powerless. I can’t lift my leg high, hold a squat for longer than five seconds, the shit is hard in the beginning.

Just like everything, it is a process. I am here for this process and I have to push myself. I have a workout partner that is aware of my lack of motivation to exercise. My blog is helping me stay accountable and I cannot wait to look up and my body consents to exercise.

I would love to bury my head in a pillow but that’s gotten me anywhere but overweight, swollen and pre-diabetic.

So…after sulking I thought about the inhibitions from being unhealthy and saw the bigger picture.

It’s not about looking good in clothes anymore it’s now about improving my quality of life. It’s more of decreasing the worry of my family every time I get sick. It’s about eliminating insecurities. It’s about being able to tie my shoe without running out of breath. It’s about fitting my wedding ring. It’s about going back to the things I enjoy like riding a roller coaster. Right now I can’t fit on most coasters. Most importantly it’s about overcoming this obstacle and helping someone else with my story.

I would like to thank all you that have sent kind words and are supporting me. You are appreciated.

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