Mid-November 2018 Thoughts

Packing and Moving was most of my October leaving little time to focus on my blog. I wanted to talk about fears during Halloween week instead I was trying to fight the fear of paying an extra month’s rent if we did not move  out our old place in time. Alas, we were out in time but yet no Halloween posts. 


The thing about working full-time and attempting to be a blogger is imbalance. I am required to log into my day job and when tired I am reminded I am on my own schedule when blogging. If I continue this route my blog will be in this same spot next year with little followership. But on the upside I do have readers and I get great feedback from time to time. I am learning that maybe I am exactly where I need to be and maybe it is wise to go with the flow. With that in mind I am not too hard on myself and blogging can remain fun. Now let’s get into my five thoughts for October-mid November. 

1. New Start

Anytime I move into a new spot I feel like it is a new adventure. My husband and I always give or sell some of our items and purchase new furniture or from Facebook Marketplace. We found some good stuff and I enjoy the time we spend purchasing new things. My parents never understand why we do that. I just think it’s simply a thing we do. 

The most significant thing about this move is the amount of old things I threw away. Things like old letters, clothes I cannot fit or never wear, or just old documentation that does not mean anything anymore. A lot of emotions surfaced and I cried a little when I came across my deceased paternal grandma and granddad’s picture. I miss them so much. 

I also realized I have too many clothes to be one person. I did donate a tote to the Salvation army and plan on removing 10 items of more from my closet monthly and donating them to a women’s shelter. This will even out my closet blessing others. 

2. Increasing Streams of Income

So I had the bright idea of starting Uber and I love it thus far. Those adventures will soon pop up on the site. There are so many online opportunities and I am excited about exploring them all. I have a full-time job but our goal is to have a safety net and get out of debt. Debt fuels stress. Nothing is worse than receiving a flood of calls from bill collectors. Our goal is to pay all of this off and become financially responsible. I am happy embarking this journey and I cannot wait until to share our success story. 


3. Neglecting Self-Care

Oh Man!!!! All of that purging, packing, moving and shopping for furniture and then unpacking left me no time to do things I love to do. One of those things were sleeping. I was so tired and moody. I started to get migraines and one day had to leave work to go to the Emergency Room. They could not explain the origin of my pain and prescribed me medicine. Even after going to hospital I still went to work while fixing up the apartment. One of my co-workers sat me down and explained the importance of self-care and told me to go home and do nothing. I listened to her and went to sleep as soon as I got home. I convinced my husband to rest and he joined me. After 2 nights of that, like Magic we were human again. Self-care is important whether it be sleeping, partaking in a favorite hobby or anything you like to do. Don’t forget to take that much needed time for yourself. 

4. “36” Goals

December is approaching and that is my half birthday. Every year I make a list of things I want to accomplish within that year and then panic when I am halfway there. This year was no different, however, I have started writing in my planner some things I want to accomplish. For physical goals, I decided to take up aqua aerobics as will help my aching joints. I am told this will increase mobility and circulation. I am so excited and I cannot wait to receive my swimming suit in the mail and hop, run and play in the pool. Also, there are some entrepreneurial goals for the blog such as a an online store (Launching very soon!) and my Self-Care E-Book (Schedule to Launch in 2019). These are the 2 projects I am excitedly working on and I cannot wait to share with you all! I have started maybe 2 books and have not yet completed them…these books are scheduled to be completed by my 36th Birthday, wish me luck!

5. Accepting Help

If you follow my blog feed (just in case you aren’t, please follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) I have a hard time asking for help. I found out that closed mouths don’t get fed and I will starve in life if I don’t reach out for help. I had a very close friend of mine offer to help me get some things done for my blog. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this help. The extra hands will help me stay on track and get me organized. Right now I feel like I am #winning!

Even though the end of October and mid-November were busy I still found a way to work through some emotions, set up a 6 month plan and get an assistant. I am where I need to be and I am coasting on God’s will in anticipation of what he has in store for me. 


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