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Perusing the internet, I stumbled upon a Great invention that was created by a mom, Rozalynn Goodwin and her daughter, Gabrielle Goodwin. To my surprise, this business was formed from a mother’s Twitter rant pertaining to the number of hair bows that were disappearing off her daughter’s ponytails on a daily basis.

At the time, Gabrielle was 5 and was very persistent with her mom about inventing a barrette that will not so easily fall off. Rozalynn was convinced by her daughter’s persistence and they proceeded to approach this idea that would later evolve to the invention of the Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette.

At the start of this invention the business duo came across many roadblocks, however, Rozalynn was determined to keep trying to exhibit to Gabrielle the results of perseverance.  Over time the combination of determination and a mother’s love catapulted GaBBY Bows from a concept to “filling online orders 50 states and eight countries in just three years of operations.” (

GaBBY Bows founders Gabrielle Goodwin and Mom Rozalynn Goodwin

I am exceedingly honored that Gabrielle took the time to interview for the Be Your Own Kind Blog. I am also inspired by her story and the powerful message she conveys to all young girls across the globe.

Quick Facts:

Business Name:                               GaBBY Bows

Product/Service Provided:          Inventor of the first and patented Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette

Years of Expertise:                          4

Social Media Sites/Websites:

Social Media Handles:






Top Three Accomplishments:

  • Being named the youngest ever South Carolina Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Being the first to win the TOFI International Hers OWNly Junior Pitch Competition
  • Having my invention become fully patented last year


Q: I would like to say that your persistence and drive is not only inspirational to children but to adults as well. I am very inspired! Did you ever think GaBBY Bows would have grown to this capacity?

A: Yes, I always imagined that the business I was nagging my mom about every single day was going to be very successful.

Q: For as far as I can remember, my mom also complained about having to purchase hair bows on a weekly basis.  What is it about GaBBY Bows that prevent them from falling off?

A: GaBBY Bows have two faces and inside of those faces there are teeth and craters along with a center strip to trap the hair, so they don’t fall out.

The Double-Face Barrette that secures the end of ponytails. No more lost barrettes.

Q: What avenues can GaBBY Bows be purchased?

A: You can buy them online at or on Amazon, and they are also in 50 retail and beauty supply stores across the US, Canada and South Africa.

Gabrielle presenting GaBBY bows in Walgreens

Q: From your website, I learned you have extended your services to speaking engagements. It also says you provide “GaBBY Play Dates”, can you describe what these play dates consists of?

A: GaBBY Playdates with girls from children’s shelters. They consist of icebreakers for us to get to know each other better, me talking to them about entrepreneurship, and the rest of the time we play! We have had spa parties and been to splash pads and bouncy houses.

Q: What can customers and fans expect from GaBBY Bows in the near future?

A: They can expect us to start to micro-franchise the company to other girls and their moms, which basically means girls who look up to me can be CEOs just like me. They will get GaBBY products to market and sell and make money for themselves.

Gabby presenting her book and GaBBY bows 

Q: Although there are a lot of things that could be gathered from your success, what is the one thing you would like young entrepreneurs to learn from your story? 

A: I want young entrepreneurs to know that “NO” is just an abbreviation for Next Opportunity. After a bunch of no’s, you are going to hear a yes.

Be Your Own Kind Staple Question: If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be? Describe you answer.

A: Confident because I am confident in myself, I love who I am, and I am confident in what I think.

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