Sugar Detoxing…

Giving up sugar was not so sweet (pun intended).

I realized I may be a little addicted to sugar. To make sure this assumption was correct I looked up the word addiction.

So by that definition…yea it’s an addiction. Anytime I’m having a hard day I reach for my favorite candy bar, ice cream, cake, pie you name it. I’ve even woke up in the middle of night sneaking to get a cookie. A grown 35 year old sneaking in her kitchen to eat a cookie. My husband has caught me sometimes asking “why are you sneaking?” I think it’s because subconsciously I know I don’t need it I just simply eat it because it’s there or I just can’t deal with my emotions without it.

I am calling this a Sugar addition over a food addiction because chips can live in my house for months…it’s just the sweets. I crave it…it makes me happy…I think you get the point.

The Detox

So the first day was not good. I was irritable….I mean irritable. I could not even concentrate the first day especially when my boss brought his infamous dozen of donuts. He usually remember to bring my favorite THE TIGER TAIL. Following the advice of my husband, “Mind over Matter”. I did this thing and then I went to a temp side gig as a dishwasher only to be surrounded by free cookies…


But I did not eat any of them…not even the second day. Yay Me! 

I noticed a pattern the pattern that of my need to eat sweets were when I very anxious. I started to meditate and breathing in and out during those times. Sometimes I just let myself feel it, which oddly enough helps as well. I let myself go on the irrational train only to find it lasted for a short amount of time. The sweets would prevent me from separating my irrational thoughts with rational ones. Instead the sweets reacted as a buffer between me and my emotions which explains my dependency. 

As the week progress I yearned for sugar less and less. I noticed my ankles were not swollen as much as the weeks before and I had energy out of no where. I also support from my best friend as she did the detox with me. We both realized it was not as bad as it seemed and altered our diet accordingly. 

Post Detox

The day after my 2 week sugar detox you would think I was geeked to eat sugar…Ok I was! When I bit into a piece a cake it was soooooo sweet to me that I hardly finished it. People were going back for seconds and to my surprise I was not. I threw my plate away and was satisfied with the overly sweet piece of cake. It may sound crazy…but it was a victory for me. I am not protesting against sugar just saying that I can eat it in moderation and it can be out of want and not out of need. 

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