My weekend as a Dishwasher

So once again I have agreed to do a job to gain the experience and earn extra bucks on the side.

Last time I took a temp assignment it was being a server. Although it was an interesting experience I don’t think I am balanced enough for that profession. This time around I chose to be a dishwasher.

Instead I decided to be the dishwasher. The first night was pretty easy as I was assisting the main dishwasher. My task was to scrape the plats and bring them back to him. He showed me has to use the dishwasher and the water was so hot, I’m sure that is due to state regulations but I’m pretty sure I no longer have fingerprints…lol…joking but maybe serious.😣

The second day I had to report about 6 am in the morning. Surprisingly I arrived about 5:30 am and this time I was only dishwasher.

Lucky for me I paid attention however it was not as easy as the night before. The dishes were coming from everywhere and then it took me twice as long putting them up because of course this was only my second day there.


Thankfully one of the cooks had little to do and helped me put them up. He was also telling me about some recipes he made up. He helped a lot.

Once it looked like I caught up a little he went to bake cookies which caused more torture while on my Sugar Detox. I was able to stay above water (pun intended) and it went so smooth the boss asked me to stay a little longer.

I was feeling myself when I left there…at least until I sat down. My feet were killing me…like throbbing and I was completely wet. My hands were swollen from pressing the level on the rinser thingie…yet I would actually do it again.

Next time…I would switch hands when rinsing and wear better shoes. It was a Great workout and overall a Great experience!

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