Fundamentals of Metacognition

I write a lot about how we can control the thoughts we entertain but I came across a concept that made a lot of sense to me. To some this may seem impossible but I dare the doubtful to try this exercise.

Think about on me of your happiest moment in detail. Imagine the scenery, those involved in this moment, picture the smile on your face and any other detail pertaining to this moment.



Now think about a frog hopping from one lily pad to the next at the swamp.


Guess what you just did? You controlled what you thought about.

At times our minds get stuck in this rut that sometimes causes us drown in the sea of self-pity. At times we all these thoughts to make us believe we can’t change our situation and that we are stuck in this mundane situation. Sadly, if these insignificant thoughts are entertained for a long period it will in fact inevitably disrupt your success.

When stuck in the abyss of negative thinking you are led to believe that you don’t have any control off your destiny. But I have good news! You have control to think about what your thoughts. Reverting back to the exercise you  controlled what you thought about. You were actually  thinking about what to think. In short you demonstrated the action of Metacognition.

What is Metacognition?

She started this paragraph by calling this a God-given skill in which I totally agree. Not only are we granted free will of our actions but we have free will on our thoughts. When you feel like you can’t you can assess why you feel you can’t. You can get to the root of this thought which in turn will change your thought patterns.

It’s beauty in knowing you don’t have to give in to every thought. It’s almost like a mental check of yourself and who better to check yourself than You.

Were already aware of Metacognition? If you did or didn’t please feel free to share comments.  

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