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I’ve frequented lots of restaurants and have often said to myself “I wonder if waitressing is as easy as it appears”. It looks like and it’s an incredible concept of getting paid for being social then I think on the angry customers and how hard it must be to swallow your tongue for the sake of delving out great customer service.


Nevertheless I got a chance to be a server at a country club most recently. Let me say that I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I was determined to make it a fun experience.

What A Rocky Start!!!

The required attire was a Black button down shirt, Black pants and a tie. I looked in my closet to discover I don’t own a Black or White button down shirt and my black slacks were so much longer than I was. The only black shoes I have are black flats but I did borrow a tie from the hubby.

I rushed to the Salvation Army as my husband also had to work that day (we obviously share a car). I tried on some white button up shirts (that is what I was originally told to wear) and none of them fit. I’m looked at the clock and I could not be tardy so I left the store and arrived in a pink t-shirt. The good news was the boss could care less and they went into the basement to find me shirt. The bad news is I could not fit either of those shirts either.


While they concocted some plan for me to find a shirt…I helped pour water in the glasses which is harder than I thought… my hand kept shaking so much the water was everywhere…but its water so it’ll dry up right?

Minutes after that they broughteverywhere…but its water so it’ll dry up right? me a chef’s shirt and it fit so now I am in uniform. Yay!

We waited around for about 2 hours for the wedding ceremony to be conclude. During that time I had some awkward conversation about Hip hop artists. I was the only black in staff so I guess that was thee obvious choice of topic (awkward). But it wasn’t so bad because I got a chance to explain who Bone Thugs N Harmony was….which truly showed my age.


giphy.com                                                                                   For those that don’t know….this is Bone Thugs N Harmony

Game Time

My first task was to carry lemonade and ice tea on a tray and boy was that heavy. Another server showed me how to hold the tray on one arm and press it against my ta-tas and that helped a bit but my arm was still shaking. After awhile people started flocking to me at the bar for these refreshments so I did not have to carry them around. And yes I did spill a drink on me but it was when I was returning to the bar. Everyone there were not overly critical and were very helpful. We all worked as a team and I was so grateful for all the tips they gave me. Such a Great group of people to work with.

It was buffet style so no carrying food. I was responsible for the drinks…so I poured the water, lemonade and tea. The number one take away is people claim they don’t want water until you walk away with the water pitcher. I also grabbed empty plates and placed on some tray the buss boys were responsible to take back. My biggest fear was spilling a drink on someone and I was so proud that did not happen.



I did have fun and I learned my balance was worse than I thought. The customers and staff were so nice and it made for a good day. I tip my hat to professional servers as a lot comes along with the job as sometimes you guys and gals are not so lucky to have nice customers or co-workers.

Would I do again? Probably so if the opportunity presented itself, but I would be more prepared and would wear more comfortable shoes.

Do you have or had a serving job? What was your experience?


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